Burning Pandaren Spirit

firespiritGoal: Defeat tamer with two level 25 pets and one low level pet for maximum pet experience

Burning Pandaren Spirit’s Team:

  • Crimson – Breath, Cyclone, Lift-Off
  • Pandaren Fire Spirit – Conflagrate, Immolate, Cauterize
  • Glowy – Swarm, Confusing Sting, Glowing Toxin

Your Team:

Start with Idol and cast Crush, Stoneskin, Deflection to block Lift-Off.  Continue Crush-ing until Crimson dies. Use Deflection to block Conflagrate, Stoenskin one round before Immolate, and Crush on all other turns and the Fire Spirit will die easily.  When Glowy is in, use Deflection to block Glowing Toxin and keep Stoneskin up to block everything else. Swap in and out your leveling pet right after using Stoneskin and finish Glowy with the Idol.  The Emerald Whelpling is just for show.


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