Celestial Tournament


There are plenty of guides on how to get in, where the quest NPC is, and who wants to buy what pet first.  If you’re someone actually reading this, you probably already know all that, so I’m just here to get you through the battles.

The first week of the tournament (Sept 10-16th) was a bit of a rush to get through because there were also so many pets to collect on the Timeless Isle.  I couldn’t devote too much time to strategy/guide writing because I had new pets to find!

Well here we are in the 2nd week of the tournament (Sept 17-23rd) and I have a good chunk of the pets and I’m feeling good about spending more time in the tournament to write up some guides.

I am someone who favors a 99.9% chance of beating the team I’m facing rather than trying to get it done in fewer rounds at the sacrifice of reliability.  This certainly bears itself out as the preferred philosophy in the Celestial Tournament because you can’t heal your pets.  Nothing will be more frustrating than to get to the last of 7 battles and have your strategy fall apart at the end.  You’ll have you exit the tournament, heal your pets, and start all over again.  Every strategy I’ve posted has been tested at least 10 times.  And if I didn’t defeat the team/elite I was facing every time, I worked out another strategy.  Nothing will ever be a 100% guarantee, but I like coming as close as I can so I don’t have to waste my time starting over.

Please be sure to put your thoughts in the comment section on how you’d do things differently, or if a certain strategy worked well for you.  The best part about all this pet battling is that each battle can be taken apart and solved in a number of ways.  One of the reasons internet shopping is so popular is being able to confirm your thoughts on a product because someone else said “Yup, works great!”.  Strategy shopping is no different, if you comment that the team/strategy you used worked then the next person that comes along has even more confidence in it.  It also will help the enthusiasm for leveling the pet they might be missing to complete that team.

Also, by no means do I have the greatest collection in the world, but I do have a fair amount of rarer pets.  When writing my guides and testing my strategies I’ll do my best to stay away from the super-rare pets, but sometimes, the best pet for the job is undeniable.

And rest assured, as the weeks roll on and more teams are used, I’ll also post alternate strategies because I’ll get bored with using the same pets all the time.

Good luck in the tournament and most importantly, have fun!


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