Chen Stormstout

chenGoal: Defeat Tamer with optimal pets

Chen Stormstout’s Team:

  • Tonsa – Bite, Headbutt, Chew
  • Chirps – Flank, Lullaby, Locust Swarm
  • Brewly – Brew Bolt, Barrel Toss, Inebriate

Your Team:

Lead with the Skywisp Moth and cast Call Lightning and Slicing Wind.  Then block Tonsa’s attack with Cocoon Strike.  Slicing Wind again until Tonsa’s finished.  Chirps will finish off your Moth easily, but then bring in Curious Wolvar Pup.  You should be able to three-shot Chirps with a Maul and two Bites.  Place a Snap Trap down when Brewly is in and do as much damage as you can with Maul and Bite until your pup dies.  When Snarly’s in keep hitting Rip until it hits, and then from my testing Blood in the Water doesn’t have the 25% chance to miss from Inebriate (tried this 5 times and it hit every time).

Other thoughts: You can certainly be a bit more aggressive with the Moth and not use Cocoon Strike.  If you get lucky you may be able to finish off Tonsa a round early.  This doesn’t factor in too much because Chirps will still put you to sleep and setup his opener to kill you (most likely).  Also, don’t worry too much about the weather being a lightning storm going into Chirps’ turn.  He takes 3 rounds jus to gear up to hit you and the storm only lasts 5 rounds now in 5.4.


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