Aki the Chosen: Round 2

akichosenThere’s always different pets and different solutions to the pet tamers, and so I’m always looking for better or more fun ways to beat them.  I also know that this team is a bit advanced because it includes a Celestial Tournament pet, but it makes the fight so much more bearable than using a Crab to Heal/diminish hits forever.

Aki the Chosen‘s Team:

  • Chirrup – Swarm, Nature’s Touch, Inspiring Song
  • Stormlash – Call Lightning, Tail Sweep, Roar
  • Whiskers – Surge, Survival, Dive

Goal: Defeat tamer with two level 25 pets and one low level pet for maximum pet experience

Your Team:

Lead with Zao and use his Charge, then Wish, and then Horn Gore until Chirrup’s dead.  Swap to the Scourged Whelpling and change the weather to Darkness, use Plagued Blood, and then Tail Sweep until Stormlash is finished.  Keep doing damage to Whiskers with Tail Sweep until your Whelpling is dead and then use Plagued Blood on your last Undead freebie turn.  Swap your level pet in and take a Surge to the face.  Then back to Zao to finish off Whiskers.  Time Niuzao’s Charge with Dive and you’ll be fine.


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