Lorewalker Cho

choGoal: Defeat Tamer with optimal pets

Lorewalker Cho’s Team:

  • Wisdom – Peck, Wild magic, Rip
  • Patience – Broom, Tranquility, Clean-Up
  • Knowledge – Tail Sweep, Amplify Magic, Solar Beam

Your Team:

Bring the Wisp in first and tear up Wisdom by using Soul Ward, Flash, and then Light.  You’ll have to pass a turn because all of your abilities will be on cooldown, but then just repeat the same rotation and Wisdom will be finished.  This is the part where there’s no exact rotation, but depending on how the fight goes you’ll have to make the call on what to use.  I had the Wisp kill both Wisdom and Patience, and I’ve had Patience finish the Wisp off without being damaged.  The Wisp will easily finish off Wisdom though.

Use the Scourged Whelpling to bring down Patience.  Plagued Blood with a few Tail Sweeps does the trick every time.  Call Darkness is a bonused ability against Knowledge, so use it before you die.  The Darkness debuff will help out your Ghostly Skull to finish off Knowledge, too.  Spectral Spike when you can (always hits, because the target is considered blind due to Darkness), and use Siphon Life and Death Coil to keep yourself alive (or undead, as the case may be).


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