Aki the Chosen: Timeless Isle Edition

akitimelessSo I wasn’t planning on updating Aki’s leveling strategy, but this one works so well I just had to write it up.  I was also missing the fact that I couldn’t use a pet with level 1 health.

Aki the Chosen‘s Team:

  • Chirrup – Swarm, Nature’s Touch, Inspiring Song
  • Stormlash – Call Lightning, Tail Sweep, Roar
  • Whiskers – Surge, Survival, Dive

Goal: Defeat tamer with two level 25 pets and one low level pet for maximum pet experience

Your Team:

Start with the Frolicker and use Barkskin.  Just keep using Bite to heal yourself back up to full while always keeping Barkskin up.  Finish Chirrup by casting Barkskin and then Bite.  This will ensure you won’t need to cast Barkskin at all during the Stormlash part of the fight.  When Stormlash comes in start with Kick and Bite his head off until you can Kick again.  Bite a couple of times more against Whiskers, and bring in your carry pet after your Frolicker dies.  Immediately swap to Jade Owl and  use Adrenaline Rush to gain the speed advantage for Dive (it won’t matter for Surge), and Slicing Wind while Whiskers isn’t using Dive.  Use Lift-Off to dodge his Dive.  He’ll be finished quickly.

mopwod tested & approved.


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