Whispering Pandaren Spirit: Round 2

airGoal: Defeat tamer with two level 25 pets and one low level pet for maximum pet experience

Whispering Pandaren Spirit’s Team:

  • Dusty – Moth Balls, Moth Dust, Cocoon Strike
  • Whispertail – Flyby, Slicing Wind, Wild Winds
  • Pandaren Air Spirit – Slicing Wind, Wild Winds, Soothing Mists

Your Team:

Start out with your Dragon and use Moonfire and then Heal.  Use Flamethrower to break the cocoon and then Flamethrower again.  About 75% of the time, you’ll just have hit 1/2 of Dusty’s health and your next Moonfire will hit with a dragonkin bonus.  This should finish off Dusty, but if not, heal up with Ancient Blessing and Flamethrower/Flamethrower again.

You should be able to heal right away with Whispertail in the game.  Use Flamethrower as a filler ability and use Moonfire/Ancient Blessing every time they’re off of cooldown.  Sometimes you’ll kill Whispertail, sometimes not.  Either way when your Dragon dies bring your leveling pet in and immediately swap him out for Chrominius (you’ll take 0 damage with your level 1).

With Chrominius in, Bite to finish off Whispertail if you need.  When the Spirit’s in use Howl, Bite, and Surge of Power.  He’ll be finishied.


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