Whispering Pandaren Spirit: Round 3 – Guest Battler

airMy guest today is a long time WoW friend of mine – Kutubiyya.  He was kind enough to put a great deal of effort into posting an updated patch 5.4 strategy for the Whispering Spirit, so I’m featuring it here.

Goal: Defeat tamer with two level 25 pets and one low level pet for maximum pet experience

Whispering Pandaren Spirit’s Team:

  • Dusty – Moth Balls, Moth Dust, Cocoon Strike
  • Whispertail – Flyby, Slicing Wind, Wild Winds
  • Pandaren Air Spirit – Slicing Wind, Wild Winds, Soothing Mists

Your Team:

Start with your leveler, it needs enough health to survive the hit from Dusty’s Moth Dust. It’ll do at least 400 but it’s crit on occasion for 600+ and even more for aquatic pets. Swap to Nether Faerie and use Arcane Blast (to pop cocoon), then Moonfire. Next Dusty will use Moth Dust again and unless it sleeps your Dragon, three more Arcane Blasts (including a Cocoon pop) should finish him. If you do get slept, pass (Dusty will Cocoon Strike again), AB to pop the cocoon then two more AB to finish him off.

Once Whispertail comes out, the goal is to have at least 100-150 health on your Faerie Dragon. Use Life Exchange to start (you’ll be hit by Flyby but it shouldn’t kill you) and you’ll cut Whispertail’s health almost in half. Use Arcane Blast then finish Whispertail off with Moonfire.

When the Air Spirit comes out you’ll get at least one more AB when it leads off with Soothing Mists but Wild Winds will usually kill your Faerie Dragon. Swap to your Emerald Drake, cast Emerald Presence to negate the damage even more then use Emerald Bite ’til the spirit is dead (usually 4-5 bites). Don’t bother refreshing Presence or using Emerald Dream unless things really go bad.

One thing to mention is there’s a chance Dusty could sleep your Nether Faerie Dragon twice which will either kill it or not leave it with enough health to use Life Exchange on Whispertail’s first round. If that’s the case the Emerald Whelp should be able to solo the rest of the fight by refreshing Presence right before it drops followed by Emerald Dream. It takes a bit longer but it’s not especially difficult.

Final note, the Sprite Darter Hatchling has the same move-set as the Faerie Dragon and the Emerald Whelpling, which PetCharge has utilized judiciously, is an alternative for the Emerald Proto-Whelp. Although I’d argue the Proto-Whelp is an alternative to the Whelpling.

Thanks Kutu!


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