Thundering Pandaren Spirit: Round 2

earthGoal: Defeat tamer with two level 25 pets and one low level pet for maximum pet experience

Thundering Pandaren Spirit’s Team:

  • Pandaren Earth Spirit – Ruptue, Crystal Prison, Stone Shot
  • Sludgy – Ooze Touch, Creeping Ooze, Expunge
  • Darnak the Tunneler – Burrow, Stone Skin, Stone Rush

Your Team:

Start with Rabbit and follow this pattern until the Earth Spirit is dead – Scratch, Burrow, Dodge, Scratch, Scratch.

Swap to your Dragonling when Sludgy comes in and use Breath twice and then use Decoy.  Use Bombing Run and then keep hitting Breath to finish off Sludgy.  Darnak will come in and you’ll be able to use Breath twice before he uses Burrow.  Plus, Bombing Run will have hit and you’ll still get a last Breath in with your mechanical racial resurrection.

Once your Dragonling dies, bring your level 1 pet in.  Immediately swap him back out for the Rabbit and finish off Darnak with the following priorities.  If Burrow and Stone Rush are off of cooldown, he will Burrow so hit him with Scratch and then Dodge.  If only Stone Rush is off of cooldown he’ll use that, so Burrow to avoid it.  Otherwise use Scratch.

mopwod tested & approved.


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