Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji: Round 2


Goal: Defeat Elite Pet with optimal pets

Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji’s Abilities:

  • Fire Quills
  • Ethereal
  • Tranquility

Your Team:

This strategy does hinge on an ability that has a 95% chance of hitting so it should work most of the time, but we all know that pet abilities tend to miss at very inopportune times.  You can also have a Voodoo Figurine as backup with the same move set as the Fetish just in case it misses.

Start with the Fetish and just keep casting Wild Magic until you die and get your free Undead round.  You could cast Flame Breath a time or two if you wanted but it will likely just be healed back up with Chi-Chi’s Tranquility.  On your free Undead round use Rot and change Chi-Chi into an undead.  Bring your Stowaway Rat in and use Stampede.  You’re certain to have 1 round of stampeded blocked, but Chi-Chi will be under half health and slower than you, so use it again and finish her off.  If for some reason the fight isn’t over yet, you can bring in the Globule and finish her off with Weakness and Expunge.

Other Thoughts:  In a previous strategy, I used a Clefthoof Runt and took advantage of the damage buff when the Runt is under 50% health.  I was finding more and more that it wasn’t enough of a bonus to finish off Chi-Chi sometimes and I’d end up using the third pet a lot.  Using a pet with 305 speed or more is preferred so you can use your last round of Stampede before Chi-Chi heals or dodges any of your attacks.


2 thoughts on “Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji: Round 2

  1. there is an easy way also with flowing pandaren spirit and worgen pup
    use geyser and whirlpool, after switch to worgen pup and do howl

    • Awesome, I’ll have to give it try this week on Chi-chi! I’m a last minute person and end up doing the tournament before the week resets these days.

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