Courageous Yon: Round 2 – Guest Battler

yonI always try to give credit where credit is due and friend of mine, Mandris, has put together a strategy that allows you to bring along a level 1 pet for Courageous Yon.  Enjoy!

Goal: Defeat tamer with two level 25 pets and one low level pet for maximum pet experience

Courageous Yon’s Team:

  • fl16 Piqua – Squawk, Lift-Off, Flock
  • cr16 Lapin – Adrenaline Rush, Burrow, Flurry
  • be16 Bleat – Bleat, Chew, Stampede

Your Team:

  • dr16 Chrominius (H/H) with Bite, Howl, and Surge of Power
  • Level 1
  • hu16 Anubisath Idol (H/H) with Crush, Sandstorm, and Deflection

Start off with Chrominius and use Howl and Bite.  The Bite will miss and you’ll get hit with Lift-Off, but use Surge of Power and Piqua will be toast.  After recovering from the Surge of Power, you can bite a time or two against Lapin before Chrominius dies.  Pop your level 1 pet in and out and then finish the rest of the fight with Anubisath Idol.  Just keep Sandstorm up continuously and deflect the Burrow from Lapin (usually not needed) or the Chew from Bleat.  Anytime you’re not doing those two things, use Crush.


4 thoughts on “Courageous Yon: Round 2 – Guest Battler

  1. Never take a level 1 pet into a tamer battle! I think they cap the xp at 6 levels, and it only takes one regular fight against a level 22+ group to ding level 6. I do one battle, then the two lower level tamer battles (Winterspring and Deadwind Pass) and that dings my pet level 13 or level 14. Then one tamer battle will ding them 18, the next 21 or 22, two more tamers/spirits after that and poof, you have a new level 25 pet (This is using the safari hat and a lesser pet treat for bonus xp).

    I love your blog and hope you dont mind if I post my alternate strat for this tamer?

    Pets: Emerald Proto-whelp, your leveling pet, and anything else; I use a level 25 mechanical (or with a mechanical attack, but it really doesnt matter – it only needs to take one or two hits). You’ll be using Emerald Bite, Emerald Presence, and Proto-Strike, and whatever for your 3rd pet.

    Honestly, with a little luck (Piqua missing with Lift-Off, you getting a crit), the Proto-Whelp can solo this daily. In fact, it’s my go-to pet for most tamer dailies, because the Emerald Presence/Emerald Dream combo is so strong.

    ******TL;DR version*******
    Emerald Bite, Emerald Presence, Emerald Bite until Piqua is dead. Save your dragon family damage buff for Lapin, even if it means you have to sit through a 2nd Lift-Off – which you shouldnt have to do, unless RNG jacked you with low hits. Proto-Strike when Lapin uses Burrow and the turn immediately after Bleat uses Chew. Keep Emerald Presence up and Stampede wont touch you. Swap in leveling pet for one turn during Stampede, then swap in pet #3 (who should be a mechanical or have mechanical abilities). Bleat should be at about 50% or a little less by the time you swap in your leveling pet, so pet #3 will only take an attack or two to finish him.

    Turn by turn explanation for those who reallllllllllllly want it.

    Turn 1: Piqua/Squawk – Proto-Whelp/Emerald Bite
    Turn 2: Piqua/Lift Off – Proto-Whelp/Emerald Presence
    Turn 3: Piqua/Flock – Proto-Whelp/Emerald Bite
    Turn 4: Piqua/Flock – Proto-Whelp/Emerald Bite
    Turn 5: Piqua/Flock – Proto-Whelp/Emerald Presence (Piqua will have 600-700 HP left & you’ll have the dragon extra damage attack which you dont want to waste, save that for Lapin).
    Turn 6: Piqua/Squawk – Proto-Whelp/Emerald Bite (depending on Piqua’s health, this bite will either kill her or take her to less than 100 HP. If it doesnt kill her, you’ll have to wait through a Lift-Off so you dont waste the buff, just reapply Emerald Presence)
    [Piqua dies]

    Turn 7: Lapin/Adrenaline Rush – Proto-Whelp/Emerald Bite (with dragon family buff).
    Turn 8: Lapin/Burrow – Proto-Whelp/Proto-Strike
    Turn 9: Lapin/Burrow (surfaces) – Proto-Whelp/Proto-Strike (hits)
    Turn 10: Lapin/Flurry – Proto-Whelp/Emerald Bite
    Turn 11: Lapin/Flurry – Proto-Whelp/Emerald Bite
    Turn 12: Lapin/Flurry (likely) – Proto-Whelp/Emerald Bite
    [Lapin likely dies – if not, bite once more]

    Turn 13: Bleat/Chew (likely) – Proto-Whelp/Emerald Bite
    >note: If Emerald Presence is down to 1 round left, renew it instead of biting
    Turn 14: Bleat will either Stampede or Bleat depending on his HP. As long as he just used Chew, you’ll Proto-Strike on the next turn so Chew misses you. If he doesn’t use Chew yet, just Bite until he does, then fly up.
    Turn 15: Bleat/Stampede (likely) – Proto-Whelp/Proto-Strike (hits)
    [I usually take the Whelp out here, because he’ll have the dragon buff & I dont want to accidentally kill Bleat]
    Turn 16: Bleat/Stampede – Swap in leveling pet (no actions by pet, just let stampede hit you)
    Turn 17: Bleat/Stampede – Swap in 3rd pet
    Turn 18: Bleat/Bleat (likely) – 3rd Pet/your damage attack. I use a Menagerie Custodian, Shock & Awe if he has less than 600~ HP, Lock-On if he has more.
    [Bleat dies]

  2. Yon only needs the Idol against his pets, which means you can pop TWO Level 1s up to 9 or 10 simultaneously. The Idol’s Humanoid Recovery ensures that with Sandstorm running all the time, and appropriate Deflection against Piqua and Lapin, he just can’t lose.

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