Goz Banefury

gozscreenOut in the Twilight Highlands is an angry orc with some creepy pets.  I’ve solo’d the fight many times with an Emperor Crab, but that gets to be a bit slow.  With my favorite elemental eater Snarly in tow, the fight goes much faster.

Synopsis: Twilight has an annoying ability Dark Rebirth that brings him back from the dead is he gets to cast it.  This causes you to take extra damage before his flame is actually put out.  Snarly hits hard enough to take care of that.  Combine him with a mechanical pet for Helios and the fight becomes fairly easy.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that a third pet can be carried through for maximum experience gain.

Goz Banefury’s Team

el16 Twilight with el16 Darkflame Laser, and  el16 Dark Rebirth
Amythel with  Creepy Chomp,   Adrenal Glands, and aq16 Creeping Ooze
Helios with  Leech Life,  be16 Brittle Webbing, and  be16 Spiderling Swarm

 Your Team

aq16 Snarly  Rip, aq16 Surge, aq16 Blood in the Water
Carry Pet
 Darkmoon Tonk  –  
Charge,  Shock and Awe,  Ion Cannon

Start with Snarly and use Rip then use Blood in the Water.  Surge once to finish Twilight off before he casts his Dark Rebirth.  Amythel is a bit of a crap shoot with damage, so just use Rip to begin, Blood in the Water when it’s up, and Surge as filler.  Amythel may or may not be dead by this point, but your Tonk can easily finish the task with Charge.  Make sure you swap your carry pet in right after Snarly dies, and then swap to Darkmoon Tonk right after.  When Helios comes in use Shock and Awe once and then blast him with your Ion Cannon.


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