Wastewalker Shu


Continuing my effort to have all my 2 pet carry teams in place for leveling and achieving, I give you Wastewalker Shu.

Synopsis: Shu is one of the tougher trainers to get just right because his team has lots of different abilities, buffs, and debuffs.  His team has a heal, a damage reduction weather effect, and a speed boost.  You’ll need just the right combination of pets to bring his team down.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that a third pet can be carried through for maximum experience gain.

Wastewalker Shu’s Team

aq16 Crusher with aq16 Renewing Mists,  aq16 Surge, and  aq16 Whirlpool
el16 Pounder with  Sandstorm,  el16 Rupture, and  Quake
be16 Mutilator with  Spiked Skin Counterstrike, and   Powerball

Your Team

 Spawn of Onyxia –  Tail Sweep,  Healing Flame,  Lift-Off
Carry Pet
aq16 Snarly Rip, aq16 Surge, aq16 Blood in the Water

Start with Onyxia and tail sweep twice.  Use your Healing Flame to heal from the Surge you just got hit with, and then Lift-Off.  You’ll dodge the Whirlpool and the next surge.  Tail Sweep until you have crushed Crusher.  Use your Healing Flame when Pounder comes in and then Tail Sweep three times.  At this point, use Healing Flame again, Lift-Off, and Tail Sweep until and Pounder is toast.  Do what damage you can with your Spawn of Onyxia on Mutilator before it’s dead.  Bring your carry pet in and immediately swap to Snarly to finish off Mutilator.  Rip first, Surge until Mutilator is right above half health and the use Blood in the Water and Surge to finish the fight.


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