Nearly Headless Jacob

Synopsis: There’s a lot of undead going on here.  Critters who can heal are your easiest way to victory.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that a third pet can be carried through for maximum experience gain.

Nearly Headless Jacob’s Team

 Spooky Strangler with  Curse of Doom,   Agony, and  Death Grip
 Stitch with  Call Darkness,   Weakness, and   Bone Prison
 Mort with  Ghostly Bite Spectral Strike, and   Siphon Life

Your Team

aq16 Frog – aq16 Tongue Lash, aq16 Healing Wave, aq16 Swarm of Flies
Carry Pet
aq16 Huge Toad – aq16 Tongue Lash, aq16 Healing Wave, aq16 Swarm of Flies

Start with the Toad or the Frog, it really doesn’t matter.  Start with Swarm of Flies and hit tongue lash a couple of times.  Heal up with Healing Wave.  You can basically do this same rotation for the whole fight.  Remember that each of the enemy pets will get a free round right after their first death, so use that round to refresh Swarm of Flies or Heal yourself.  There’s no point in doing any damage during the extra undead round.  Your carry pet will be swapped in for you with Spooky Strangler’s Death Grip, so just swap your frog back in a and continue the fight.


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