Wrathion: Plushie Round

Synopsis: Wrathion has a fun looking group of pets flying behind him.  Cindy does annoying damage if you leave her up too long, and Alex can be tough to get down because he has so much health and has a heal on top of it.  Also, watch out for Dah’da’s Elementium Bolt, because it will stun you at very vulnerable times.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that Elekk Plushie can be carried through the fight.

Wrathion’s Team

 Cindy with  Diseased Bite,  el16 Blistering Cold, and el16 Ice Tomb
 Alex with  Breath,   Ancient Blessing, and  el16 Flame Thrower
 Dah’da with  Shadowflame Roll, and   Elementium Bolt

Your Team

 Black Lamb  (h/p, h/s, h/b)-  Chew,  Comeback,  Stampede
 Scourged Whelpling –  Tail Sweep, hu16 Call Darkness, hu16 Dreadful Breath
ma16 Elekk Plushie

First off, a word about the Black Lamb.  You should be able to use any critter pet with Chew and a damage double-r effect like Gu’chi Swarmling or Elwynn Lamb, provided that you have at least 1500 health.  Don’t use Beasts with similar abilities like Little Black Ram, because they don’t have the stun immunity that a critter does.

Starting with your Black Lamb, use Chew and then Stampede.  The double damage buff will hit Cindy for 1000+ damage, and finish her off easily.  Your Stampede will end after Cindy has had her free undead round.  Alex will come in next and the first thing he’ll do is heal, so you have a chance to repeat the same combo that you did for Cindy.  Use Chew and then Stampede again.  After Alex turns your lamb into a chop with her Breath a couple of times, bring in Scourged Whelpling.  Use Call Darkness right away for big damage and then Dreadful Breath until Alex is dead.  Dreadful Breath will be hitting Dah’da as well, so when he comes in he’ll be half health or lower.  You should be able to finish off Dah’da with a Tail Sweep, Call Darkness and one turn of Dreadful Breath.


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