Lorewalker Cho: Plushie Round

Synopsis: There are lots of preparatory abilities on Cho’s team, so take you can take advantage of them by hitting them hard before they use them.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that Elekk Plushie can be carried through the fight.

Lorewalker Cho’s Team

 Wisdom with  Peck,  ma16 Wild Magic, and  Rip
ma16 Patience with hu16 Broom,   Tranquility, and  ma16 Clean-Up
 Knowledge with  Tail Sweepma16 Amplify Damage, and   Solar Beam

Your Team

ma16 Nordrassil Wisp  – ma16 Light, ma16 Flash, hu16 Soul Ward
 Scourged Whelpling –  Tail Sweep, hu16 Call Darkness,  Plagued Blood
ma16 Elekk Plushie

Bring the Wisp in first and tear up Wisdom by using Soul Ward, Flash, and then Light.  You’ll have to pass a turn because all of your abilities will be on cooldown, but then just repeat the same rotation and Wisdom will be finished.  Keep the same rotation until the Wisp dies.  Your Scourged Whelping should be able to finish off Patience and Knowledge just fine.  Save Call Darkness for Knowledge because it does a ton of damage.  Having an guaranteed extra round on the Whelpling because he’s undead should save you from unlucky crits.



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