Dr. Ion Goldbloom: Plushie Round

Synopsis: As long as you’re able to finish off Chaos quickly, he won’t cause you much trouble.  Trike’s the only other pet that hits hard at all.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that Elekk Plushie can be carried through the fight.

Dr. Ion Goldbloom’s Team

 Screamer with  Alpha Strike,   Feign Death, and  Lift-Off
 Trike with  Bite,   Adrenaline Rush, and   Horn Attack
 Chaos with  Logicma16 Uncertainty, and   Instability

Your Team

 Bronze Whelpling  –  Tail Sweep,  Early Advantage, ma16 Arcane Storm
 Darkmoon Tonk –  Missile,  Minefield,  Ion Cannon
ma16 Elekk Plushie

Bronze Whelpling starts off the fight and passes his first turn.  Use Early Advantage and Arcane Storm.  Screamer will be under half health and he’ll swap out, so swap out to the Darkmoon Tonk and lay down an immediate Minefield.  Hit Missile twice, and then finish off Trike with an Ion Cannon.  You’ll get hit with Screamer’s Lift-Off, but after that lay your minefield down right after.  Bring your Bronze Whelpling back in, and since you’re faster, pop Arcane Storm again to finish Screamer.  Use Early Advantage and Chaos should die.  If not, you should have enough health to finish him with a Tail Sweep.


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