Deebs, Tyri, & Puzzle


As part of my series on the Menagerie Daily quests, today you’ll play in the world of Diablo.

Synopsis: Tryi can really hurt and all of your opponents will be very fast.  As with several strategies, using the weather effects against them will be the key to their undoing.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that a third pet can be carried through for maximum experience gain.

Deebs, Tyri, & Puzzle

ma16 Deebs with ma16 Blast of Hatred, ma16 Weakness, and un16 Bone Prison
 Tyri with  Omnislash,  Call Darkness, and  Surge of Light
 Puzzle with ma16 Coin Toss,  Dodge, and ma16 Portal

Your Team

 Scourged Whelpling –  Tail Sweep,  Death and Decay,  Plagued Blood
Carry Pet
 Ghostly Skull –  Shadow Slash, ma16 Spectral Strike,  Siphon Life

As with many of the menagerie dailies, there are abilities that the enemy team uses that hits your back line.  You’ll need just over 300 health to survive it.

Start off with your Whelpling and use Plagued Blood and then Death and Decay.  Keep using Tail Sweep until Deebs is toast.  When Tyri comes in you’ll usually only get 1 ability off before you’re stunned and dead, so make it Plagued Blood to be healing your next pet.  If you happen to get a chance at another ability just refresh Death and Decay.  Swap your level pet in, and then swap it right back out for the Ghostly Skull.  Use Spectral Strike and then Shadow Slash.  Most of the time Tyri will be dead by now.  Use Siphon Life 3 times (because the first 2 will miss), and then Shadow Slash away.  Puzzle will be gone in a few rounds.

Additional Note:  If you’re having trouble bringing Tyri down in a reasonable about of time, you can wait to bring in and out your carry pet until after Tyri’s dead.  The first two rounds of fighting Puzzle are useless to you anyway.


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