An Awfully Big Adventure


This achievement requires you to have a pretty good stable of level 25 pets.  You will need to defeat each trainer with only 2 pets, with the Elekk Plushie being dead weight on your team.  Luckily, as all of us pet trainers know, this just means developing good strategies that we will use anyway to level up our new Warlords pets.  Before attempting this, you should level your Plushie to level 25.  This will give it 2294 health and allow it to survive any sort of damage that is caused to your whole team, even while sitting on the back line.  Below is a look at your Plushie.

ma16 Elekk Plushieplush

ma16 Rawr! – Imagine yourself as a real elekk and the damage you could inflict if that were actually true.
hu16 Nap Time – Take a short nap.
ma16 Plushie Rush – Pretend to rush at the enemy with great ferocity!
cr16 Cute As A Button – Look cute.
hu16 Who’s The Best Elekk In The Whole World? – Relish in your dominance as the greatest stuffed animal ever.
hu16 Itchin’ for a Stitchin’ – Bring your plushie in for a hug.

heffNone of the abilities actually do any damage, so think of your new pet as a fluffy punching bag.  Ain’t it cute?  On to the task at hand!  We have an adventure to pursue.

Many of my previous posts on how to carry a level 1 pet (and thus, get maximum experience) will serve as the groundwork for this achievement.  Any of those posts will work with your Plushie since the strategies assume that your level 1 pet is too weak to do anything.  The only bonus now is that you don’t even need to swap your Plushie into the fight at any time to receive “credit” for being part of the fight.

Below is the list of pets I used to defeat each trainer.  As with any pet listing you may or may not have the pets in your collection, so I’ll try to keep it to a medium difficulty pet listing.  Basically no real money pets or super-duper-rare ones.

Defeat the following trainers with an Elekk Plushie on your team 

Aki the ChosenDandelion Frolicker (s/s), Jade Owl
AshleiDarkmoon Zeppelin
Beegle BlastfuseEmerald Proto-Whelp, Chrominius
Blingtron 4000
Bloodknight Antari
Bordin SteadyfistSnarlyPandaren Water Spirit
BrokMechanical Pandaren Dragonling, Curious Wolvar Pup
Burning Pandaren SpiritAnubisath Idol, Emerald Whelpling
Chen StormstoutFlayer Youngling (h/s, p/s, s/b), Corefire Imp
Christoph VonFeasel
Courageous YonNexus Whelpling, Flayer Youngling
Cymre Brightblade
Dr. Ion GoldbloomBronze Whelpling, Darkmoon Tonk
Farmer NishiDancing Water Skimmer, Snarly
Flowing Pandaren SpiritJade Owl, Tiny White Carp
GargraLil’ Bling, Skywisp Moth
Goz BanefurySnarlyDarkmoon Tonk
Hyuna of the ShrinesNexus Whelpling, Ashwing Moth
Jeremy Feasel
Lorewalker ChoNordrassil Wisp, Scourged Whelpling
Lydia Accoste
Major Payne
Mo’rukDarkmoon Zeppelin, Chrominius
Morulu the Elder
Nearly Headless JacobFrog, Huge Toad
Nicki Tinytech
ObalisDarkmoon Tonk, Emerald Whelpling
Okrut Dragonwaste
Seeker ZusshiSnarly, Bat
Shademaster Kiryn
Stone Cold Trixxy
Sully “The Pickle” McLearyDarkmoon Monkey, Imperial Eagle Chick
TaraluneEmerald Proto-Whelp, Emerald Whelpling
Taran ZhuMolten Hatchling (s/s 341 speed), Flayer Youngling
Tarr the Terrible
Thundering Pandaren SpiritRabbit (must have 305+ speed), Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
VesharrEmerald Proto-Whelp, Rascal-Bot
Wastewalker ShuSpawn of Onyxia, Snarly
Whispering Pandaren SpiritCelestial Dragon, Chrominius
Wise Mari – Tiny Flamefly, Lil’ Bling
WrathionBlack Lamb, Scourged Whelpling




3 thoughts on “An Awfully Big Adventure

  1. For those looking for a good step-by-step for the “An Awfully Big Adventure” achievement; Shademaster Kiryn ~ :
    Fiendish Imp (faster than 244, set to Burn, Immolation and Nether Gate)
    Crazy Carrot – set to Ironbark, Acid Rain and Blistering Cold

    With Fiendish Imp starting:
    1) Immolation
    2) Burn
    3) Nether Gate (Stormoen comes in)
    4) Swap to the Crazy Carrot
    5) Ironbark
    6) Blistering Cold
    7) Ironbark until Stormoen is dead (Nairn comes back in)
    8) Blistering Cold
    9) Acid Rain
    10) Swap to the Fiendish Imp
    11) Refresh Immolation
    12) Swap in Crazy Carrot
    13) Acid Rain
    14) Blistering Cold
    15) Ironbark until you’re dead (Acid Rain again if it procs, for the small backline pet damage)
    16) (Imp) Burn
    17) Burn
    18) Nether Gate (Summer comes in)
    19) Immolation
    20) Switch to Elekk Plushie
    21) Spam Cute As A Button until dead
    22) (Imp) refresh Immolation
    23) Nether Gate (near dead Nairn comes in)
    24) Burn (hopefully once, sometimes takes two)
    25) Burn
    26) Burn
    27) Burn ~ as many as it takes.

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