Guides and Strategies

Celestial Tournament Round Walkthroughs

  • Round 1 (Lorewalker Cho, Dr. Ion Goldbloom, Sully “The Pickle” McLeary)
  • Round 2 (Taran Zhu, Chen Stormstout, Wrathion)
  • Round 3 (Wise Mari, Blingtron 4000, Shademaster Kiryn)

Celestial Tournament Tamers

Celestial Tournament Elites

Grand Master Pet Tamers

Pandaren Spirit Tamers

Beasts of Fable

  • Book I (Ka’wi the Gorger, Kafi, Dos-Ryga, Nitun)
  • Book II (Greyhoof, Lucky Yi, Skitterer Xi’a)
  • Book III (Gorespine, No-no, Ti’un the Wanderer)

2 thoughts on “Guides and Strategies

  1. Hello!
    I am going to do a write-up on how to level a pet to 25 in thirteen minutes. For this method I use your strategy for Mo’ruk. I would like your permission to quote and link your strategy. Of course I’ll give you the credit for it :).

    Thanks and keep up the good work,

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