Vesharr’s team is full of birds.  Even the mechanical pet acts like a bird when he uses his Feathered Frenzy.

Synopsis: Avoiding the biggest damage dealing abilities from Vesharr’s team is key (duh?).  With the right pets, you can weave in and out of them and counter-punch quite effectively.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that a third pet can be carried through for maximum experience gain.

Vesharr’s Team

 The Great Kaliri with  Quills,  Caw, and  Slicing Wind
 Apexis Guardian with  Batter,  Entangling Roots, and  Feathered Frenzy
 Darkwing with ma16 Shadow Talon,  Consume Corpse, and  Anzu’s Blessing

Your Team

 Emerald Proto-Whelp –  Emerald Bite,  Emerald Presence,  Proto-Strike 
 Rascal-Bot – ma16 Phaser, ma16 Lens Flare,  Armageddon
Carry Pet

Your Emerald Proto-Whelp will deal easily with the first two opponents.  Bring him in and use Emerald Presence and then use Emerald Bite three times.  The Great Kaliri will be dead.  Refresh your Emerald Presence when the Apexis Guardian comes in and then fly up with Proto-Strike to dodge the Entangling Roots and whatever else he uses on that turn.  Keep using Emerald Bite until the Guardian is no more.  Bring your Rascal-Bot into the fight and Phaser/Lens Flare Darkwing until he’s under 290 health.  Pop your Armageddon and your carry pet will be happy to receive all the experience.