Bordin Steadyfist


If you have the Cataclysm portal unlocked, you can quickly go to Deepholm and find a white-bearded dwarf ready to do battle with you.  Many battle pet fights can be very easy once you fight the right pet combination and this one is no exception.

Synopsis: Two of the enemy pets are Elemental, so bring an aquatic to hit ’em hard and smack ’em down.  Apocalypse is less scary than it seems because it take so long to actually activate.  It’s really just a damage free turn for you.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that a third pet can be carried through for maximum experience gain.

Bordin Steadyfist’s Team

el16 Ruby with el16 Crystal Overload,  el16 Stone Rush, and el16 Spark
 Crystallus with be16 Hiss,   Flank, and   Apocalypse 
 Fracture with  Feedback Amplify Magic, and   Elementium Bolt

Your Team

aq16 Snarly  Rip, aq16 Surge, aq16 Blood in the Water
Carry Pet
aq16 Pandaren Water Spirit – aq16 Water Jet, aq16 Healing Wave, aq16 Dive

Snarly’s your first pet up and there’s not much Ruby can do about it.  Rip, Blood in the Water, Surge.  Hit Crystallus the same way with Rip and Blood in the Water.  Surge fills in the gaps.  Sometimes Snarly makes it all the way to Fracture, and sometimes not.  Swap in your carry pet after Snarly bites the dust, and bring in the Water Spirit to finish off Fracture.  Just make sure you Dive to dodge the incoming Elementium Bolt, and you’ll easily finish him off with a few Water Jets.