Pandaren Spirit Tamers



Patch 5.1 added four Pandaria Spirit Tamers. You can fight them and their legendary pets if you’ve completed the ‘I Choose You’ achievement(defeating Grand Master Aki).  If you’ve unlocked the daily quest, each of the spirits will give you a pet bag with a chance for Flawless Stones and corresponding pets.

You can fight the following 4 tamers.  Click the names for the Pet Charge strategies for each tamer.

Defeating all of them for the first time rewards you with a choice of one of four pets all of which are cageable.

After ‘Pandaren Spirit Tamer’ has been completed, you unlock four daily quests, one from each tamer.  You can pick up the initial quest from battle pet tamers at your faction’s capital city.

  • Alliance: Pandaren Spirit Tamer from Sara Finkleswitch, on upper balcony closer to the entrance to “The Star’s Bazaar.”
  • Horde: Pandaren Spirit Tamer from Gentle San on the balcony.

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