Yu’la, Broodling of Yu’lon


Goal: Defeat Elite Pet with optimal pets

Yula, Broodling of Yu’lon’s Abilities:

  • Jade Breath
  • Emerald Presence
  • Lift-Off

Your Team:

First off, I’ll say that you really only need Mr. Bigglesworth to take down Yu’la.  The other two pets are completely spectators and only serve as backup.  Each of the backup pets are faster than Yu’la and have the Kick ability.  This allows you to Kick Yu’la right before Emerald Presence falls off preventing her from using it for 1 round.  During this round you’ll get full damage with Blitz or Jab, depending on the pet you might bring in.  Bring in Mr. Bigglesworth and use the following abilities in the same order every time and you beat Yu’la easily;

  • Claw
  • Ice Tomb
  • Ice Barrier
  • <pass turn>
  • Claw
  • Claw

Make sure you begin again with Claw before you start the Ice Tomb/Barrier and barring terrible luck, you should be able to solo Yu’la.

Other thoughts:  This strategy has been floating around the big name sites for a while (wowhead, warcraftpets), I just figured I’d go ahead and add it to my collection of strategies.