Tirs & Fiero


As part of my series on the Menagerie Daily quests, today you’ll defeat a couple of elementals.

Synopsis: We’ll use the weather effect that Tirs give us against the team and use lots of Aquatic abilities.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that a third pet can be carried through for maximum experience gain.

Tirs & Fiero

 Tirs with  Acid Rain,   Renewing Mists, and   Pump
 Fiero with  Burn,  Flame Jet, and  Cataclysm

Your Team

 Pandaren Water Spirit –  Water Jet,  Whirlpool,  Dive
Carry Pet
 Spirit Crab –  Amplify Magic,  Surge,  Shell Shield 

Your carry pet should have about 600-800 health to survive the Acid Rain that Tirs does twice during the fight.

Start with the Water Spirit and use Whirlpool.  Hit Dive next to dodge the incoming Pump and then 1 to 2 Water Jets later, Tirs should be finished.  Hit Whirlpool again when Fiero comes in and then use Water Jet until your Water Spirit is finished.  Swap to your carry pet and then to your Crab.  Use Amplify Magic and then Surge twice.  Fiero is toast.