Manos, Hanos & Fatos


A trio of magical voidlings is no match for your money toting mechanical, Lil’ Bling.

Synopsis: A simple strategy of picking a couple of mechanical pets to counter all the magic damage is the simplest way to achieve victory here.  By the time Fatos has time to use Seethe, he’ll be dead.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that a third pet can be carried through for maximum experience gain.

Manos, Hanos & Fatos

ma16 Manos with ma16 Arcane Storm, ma16 Mana Surge, and ma16 Arcane Slash
ma16 Hanos with cr16 Sneak Attack, ma16 Flash, and ma16 Invisibility
ma16 Fatos with  Seeth, ma16 Forboding Curse, and ma16 Arcane Slash

Your Team

 Lil’ Bling –  Inflation,  Extra Plating,  Make It Rain 
 Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling –  Breath,  Bombing Run,  Explode
Carry Pet

Again, this fight is problematic for level 1 pets because of the Arcane Storm.  Bring a level 10+ pet to survive the backline attacks.

Start with your Lil’ Bling and Make It Rain!  Use Extra Plating to survive the next several attacks from Mana Surge, and then Use Inflation to start rolling the double damage onto Manos.  When your Inflation is up, use Make It Rain again and Manos will be toast.  Extra Plating when Hanos comes in and then it’s back to Inflation.  You’ll have a 50% chance to miss, but you’ll get a few hits in for sure.  Again, use your Make It Rain for some big double damage and if you’re not dead yet, use Inflation one last time to keep the double damage debuff rolling.  Bring your Dragonling in, and finish off Hanos with a Breath.  Keep using Breath when Fatos comes in until he’s under 560 health and then Explode.  Your carry pet will receive all the experience.