Aki the Chosen

akichosenGoal: Defeat tamer with two level 25 pets and one low level pet for maximum pet experience

Aki the Chosen‘s Team:

  • Chirrup – Swarm, Nature’s Touch, Inspiring Song
  • Stormlash – Call Lightning, Tail Sweep, Roar
  • Whiskers – Surge, Survival, Dive

Your Team:

  • Level 1 pet
  • Any aquatic crab with Shell Shield, Renewing Mists, and Snap (Emperor Crab, Shore Crab)
  • Any flyer with Lift-Off, Cyclone, Slicing Wind (Sea Gull, Sandy Petrel)

Lead with the level 1 pet and swap to Crab after the first round. Keep Shell Shield and Renewing Mists up while using Snap to kill Chirrup and do as much damage on Stormlash as you can before the Crab dies. Use your flyer to kill Stormlash and Whiskers with Slicing Wind while dodging Whiskers’ Dive with Lift-Off.