Seeker Zusshi

zusshiGoal: Defeat tamer with two level 25 pets and one low level pet for maximum pet experience

Seeker Zusshi’s Team:

  • Diamond – Frost Shock, Frost Nova, Howling Blast
  • Mollus – Acidic Goo, Dive, Absorb
  • Skimmer – Soothe, Cleansing Rain, Pump

Your Team:

  • Level 5 pet
  • Snarly with Rip, Surge, and Blood in the Water
  • Bat with Bite, Screech, and Reckless Strike

Open with Snarly and cast Rip, Blood in the Water, and Surge until Diamond’s dead.  Use Rip then Surge and Blood in the Water with Mollus in the game.  Snarly will usually die when he gets hit with Mollus’ Dive.  Swap to your level pet and cast, then swap to Bat and Bite until Mollus is dead.  Reckless Strike and Bite until Skimmer is dead.  The timing is usually right to have Mollus’ Acidic Goo break you from Soothe so you can finish off Skimmer before he hits you with Pump.