Taran Zhu: Plushie Round


This fight took me the longest to find a viable strategy that was reliable.  Some strategies I used worked fine 50-70% of the time, but unlucky crits caused my team severe pain.  The below strategy has worked for me 10 times in a row, so I feel really good about recommending it to you now.

Synopsis: Bolo, Yen, and Yi hit REALLY hard.  Not only that, every time they hit you, they heal up from the Human racial ability!  Yi is the fastest of the bunch, so bringing someone that’s faster than him helps a LOT.  Your Molten Hatchling must be a s/s breed which means he has 341 speed.  This makes him faster than the 319 speed of Yi.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that Elekk Plushie can be carried through the fight.

Taran Zhu’s Team

hu16 Yen with hu16 Takedown,  hu16 Blackout Kick, and  Feign Death
hu16 Bolo with hu16 Punch,  hu16 Blinding Powder, and   Rampage
hu16 Li with  Triple Snaphu16 Bandage, and  hu16 Spin Kick

Your Team

 Molten Hatchling (s/s) –  Leech Life, el16 Cauterize,  Brittle Webbing
hu16 Flayer Younglinghu16 Blitz, hu16 Deflection, hu16 Kick
ma16 Elekk Plushie

Start off with the Molten Hatchling and cast Brittle Webbing.  Use Leech Life to heal back the life you just lost and you’ll get stunned.  Pass your next round and then use Leech Life again.  Cauterize the big hit you just took, Brittle Webbing, and Leech Life will bring Yen under 50% health.  At this point, you want to swap to your Flayer Youngling because Yen will Feign Death at the same time.

With your Flayer Youngling in, start with Blitz.  Kick next to interrupt Bolo’s Rampage and then use Deflection to block the Blinding Powder.  Blitz twice more and Kick to interrupt Rampage again.  Blitz once more, and then Bolo will blind you.  This is fine because you will use Deflection on the next attack.  This just gave you a round of free damage.  Blitz one more time to finish off Bolo.

During the Bolo fight, you may find that you killed Bolo earlier than what was expected.  This is fine as long as you have either Kick or Deflection up.  When Yen comes back in the first thing he will do is try to stun you.  Use either Kick or Deflection to avoid it and then Blitz him down.

When Li comes in, your Flayer Youngling may or may not get some damage in on him.  Just Blitz until you die and bring your Molten Hatchling back in.  Cauterize right off the bat.  Use Brittle Webbing then Leech Life right after.  Brittle Webbing is your only ability off cooldown, so use it and then Leech Life again.  Cauterize is off of cooldown, so heal up again with it.  One last set of Leech Life – Brittle Webbing – Leech Life should finish Li off.  If he heals near the end, just keep Leech Life-ing and Brittle Webbing him to finish the fight.