Shademaster Kiryn


Goal: Defeat Tamer with optimal pets

Shademaster Kiryn’s Team:

  • Nairn – Nairn!, Call of Winter, Giant’s Blood
  • Stormoen – Batter, Call Lightning, Build Turret
  • Summer – Bite, Dodge, Prowl

Your Team:

  • Lofty LIbram with Shadow Shock, Amplify Magic, and Curse of Doom
  • Lava Crab with Burn, Shell Shield, and Conflagrate
  • Robo-Chick with Batter, Overtune, and Wind-Up

Open up with your Lofty Libram’s Curse of Doom.  Shadow Slash 3 times and then use Amplify Magic for a dead Nairn.  If you survive long enough to cast Curse of Doom on Stormoen, do it.  Otherwise, bring in the Crab and use your Shell Shield to block the Turrets.  Use Burn, Conflagrate, and Burn to finish off Stormoen.  Again, if you survive through Stormoen with any health recast Shell Shield and then Burn as much as you can on Summer.  Use Batter to kill Summer, but also use Overtune to gain the speed advantage right before Summer uses dodge.  Use Overtune again when your attack would be blocked by the Dodge to keep the speed advantage.