Pet Nukem


With 15 different legendary-elite type pets in the current world to beat, it has become very useful to put together several ‘Nukem’ teams. If you’re having trouble with any of them, give one of the teams below a try.

Legendary Elites are those pets which have the elite buff that allows them to only take 50% damage from any hit. This means you’ll need to load up debuffs and buffs on your pet team to bring ’em down.

Classic Nukemunborn

This one has changed from the pre 5.4 days, but it’s still very effective. Use your Val’kyr and cast Unholy Ascension. Bring your Water Spirit in and use Geyser and Whirlpool. Swap in Chrominus and cast Howl. This will double up the damage on Geyser and Whirlpool (along with 25% extra from Unholy Ascension), and stun the non-critter opponent. Use Surge of Power to finish any health that’s left.

You can also take this team and just start with the Water Spirit using Geyser and Whirlpool then on to Chrominius with a Howl and Surge of Power. Depending on the opponent, this will be sufficient damage.

Sunlight Nukemsunlight

Start with the Lantern and use Illuminate to turn the day into Sunny Weather. Swap to your Abyssal and Explode. Bring in your Bombling and Explode. If you use the H/H Abyssal (1725 health) the 2 Explodes should deal about 2000 damage. The lantern can finish anything else off, or you can wait a turn before exploding to use Crush or Zap.

Rotting Nukemrot

Start with the Fetish and just use Flame Breath until you’re about to die. Use Wild Magic before your undead racial extra turn, and use Rot on the actual last turn of your existence. Bring in the Runt and use Stampede until you die. Bring the Ram in and Stampede or you can Soothe, Chew, and then Stampede if for some reason you haven’t killed whatever you’re up against.  You can substitute the Runt and Ram with any Rat pet that has Stampede if you need a faster hitter instead of a stronger hitter.

Zandalari Nukemzandalari

If you’re going to use this Nukem, be sure and have the P/P type of pet. They pack quite the punch, but only if all their stats are pooled into Power. The Kneebiter and Anklerender do a great job by themselves with Black Claw and Hunting Party. So start off with the Kneebiter and use Black Claw then Hunting party. Leap if you’re still alive and repeat the process. Same with the Anklerender. Chrominius is there just because he hits hard, too. Howl, Bite, and then Surge of Power.

There are so many teams you can put together to bring down Legendary pets, but these teams work so well in concert with each other they’re worth mentioning just by themselves because they work for so many of them.

Let me know if you have any other favorite ways to ‘Blow-Up’ pets in the comments and have fun blowing up some Legendary Elite pets!


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