Dr. Ion Goldbloom: Plushie Round

Synopsis: As long as you’re able to finish off Chaos quickly, he won’t cause you much trouble.  Trike’s the only other pet that hits hard at all.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that Elekk Plushie can be carried through the fight.

Dr. Ion Goldbloom’s Team

 Screamer with  Alpha Strike,   Feign Death, and  Lift-Off
 Trike with  Bite,   Adrenaline Rush, and   Horn Attack
 Chaos with  Logicma16 Uncertainty, and   Instability

Your Team

 Bronze Whelpling  –  Tail Sweep,  Early Advantage, ma16 Arcane Storm
 Darkmoon Tonk –  Missile,  Minefield,  Ion Cannon
ma16 Elekk Plushie

Bronze Whelpling starts off the fight and passes his first turn.  Use Early Advantage and Arcane Storm.  Screamer will be under half health and he’ll swap out, so swap out to the Darkmoon Tonk and lay down an immediate Minefield.  Hit Missile twice, and then finish off Trike with an Ion Cannon.  You’ll get hit with Screamer’s Lift-Off, but after that lay your minefield down right after.  Bring your Bronze Whelpling back in, and since you’re faster, pop Arcane Storm again to finish Screamer.  Use Early Advantage and Chaos should die.  If not, you should have enough health to finish him with a Tail Sweep.


Dr. Ion Goldbloom

ionGoal: Defeat Tamer with optimal pets

Dr. Ion Goldbloom‘s Team:

  • Screamer – Alpha Strike, Feign Death, Lift-Off
  • Trike – Bite, Adrenaline Rush, Horn Attack
  • Chaos – Logic, Uncertainty, Instability

Your Team:

Much like the Doctor’s pet, this whole fight is a bit of Chaos.  Start off with the Celestial Dragon and use Flamethrower.  It’ll miss, but then use Moonfire and Flamethrower again.  At this point, Screamer’s going to use Feign Death so just use Flamethrower again and miss.  As soon as Trike comes out, use Arcane Storm.  You’re now set up with 2 important things;

  1. You have a DoT on Screamer that gave you a Dragon 50% damage bonus.
  2. Arcane Storm keeps you from being stunned by Horn Attack.

Keep using Flamethrower until you die.  Bring in XT and Zap, Zap, Zap until Trike is finished.  When Screamer comes back in use Repair.  Even if Screamer’s Lift-Off kills you, being a mechanical you’ll just heal up again with your ‘second life’.  Screamer will have undoubtedly run away again with Feign Death, so use XE-321 Boombot and Zap, Zap, Zap again until XT is dead.  The Arcane Eye will easily finish off Chaos and a very low health Screamer.  Also, being a Magic type keeps you from getting smashed quite so hard with the big hits that Chaos can deal sometimes because you can only be hit for 35% of your health at a time.  Psychic Blast, Drain Power, Psychic Blast for finishing off Chaos and use Interrupting Gaze to stun and get a free turn with Screamer.

Other thoughts:  Landro’s Lil’ XT can be a bit hard to come by, so you can also use a different Mechanical with the Repair ability (like Mechanopeep or Personal World Destroyer).  The only reason I chose it was because Zap has a 100% to hit vs. Metal Fist (which most other mechanicals have) only has a 90% chance to hit.  The XE-321 Boombot is also nice to deal some post-death damage to the last pet you might be facing.