Hyuna of the Shrines

hyunaGoal: Defeat tamer with two level 25 pets and one low level pet for maximum pet experience

Hyuna of the Shrine’s Team:

  • Skyshaper – Confusing Sting, Slicing Wind, Glowing Toxin
  • Fangor – Hiss, Vicious Fang, Burrow
  • Dor the Wall – Shell Shield, Headbutt, Healing Wave

Your Team:

Lead with the Whelpling and use Tail Sweep, Arcane Storm, and then Mana Surge.  This should give you the dragonkin bonus for a 1k hit on Fangor after Skyshaper dies.  Bring in your Flyer and Alpha Strike to finish off Fangor.  Use Cocoon Strike on Dor the Wall to block Headbutt and swap in your level 1 pet.  Use any ability and then bring back your Flyer.  Finish Dor off by using Alpha Strike and continue blocking Headbutt with Cocoon Strike