Synopsis: Gargra has 3 wolfs that all to beast damage.  The first pet to bring in is a mechanical for the damage bonus, and the second is a flyer for reduced damage.  Pretty easy.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that a third pet can be carried through for maximum experience gain.

Gargra’s Team

 Wolfus with  Bite,  Call the Pack, and  Prowl
 Fangra with cr16 Flurry,  Dodge, and cr16 Dazzling Dance
 Wolfgar with  Rip,  Howl, and  Maul

Your Team

 Lil’ Bling –  Inflation,  Extra Plating,  Make It Rain 
 Skywisp Moth –  Slicing Wind,  Cocoon Strike,  Call Lightning
Carry Pet

Start with Bling and get your defenses up first with Extra Plating.  Then, use Make It Rain and Inflation.  If Wolfus dies on your second turn of Inflation, just use Make It Rain on Fangra and he’s toast.  If your third turn of Inflation kills Wolfus, you’ll still lead with Make It Rain on Fangra, but you’ll need some defense after that so use Extra Plating.  Pass your next turn (cause Fangra will dodge it anyways) and then Make It Rain followed by Inflation.  There are a few ways of the fight going so if your Lil’ Bling is still alive when Wolfgar comes in, you can happily take the Howl and die on the next turn after using Inflation.  If your Bling died against Fangra, bring your Moth in and svae Cocoon Strike for dodging the Howl.  Either way, you want to nullify the Howl.  Also, anyway the fight goes, bring your Carry Pet in before bringing the Skywisp Moth in.  You want that nice experience for the pet!


Manos, Hanos & Fatos


A trio of magical voidlings is no match for your money toting mechanical, Lil’ Bling.

Synopsis: A simple strategy of picking a couple of mechanical pets to counter all the magic damage is the simplest way to achieve victory here.  By the time Fatos has time to use Seethe, he’ll be dead.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that a third pet can be carried through for maximum experience gain.

Manos, Hanos & Fatos

ma16 Manos with ma16 Arcane Storm, ma16 Mana Surge, and ma16 Arcane Slash
ma16 Hanos with cr16 Sneak Attack, ma16 Flash, and ma16 Invisibility
ma16 Fatos with  Seeth, ma16 Forboding Curse, and ma16 Arcane Slash

Your Team

 Lil’ Bling –  Inflation,  Extra Plating,  Make It Rain 
 Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling –  Breath,  Bombing Run,  Explode
Carry Pet

Again, this fight is problematic for level 1 pets because of the Arcane Storm.  Bring a level 10+ pet to survive the backline attacks.

Start with your Lil’ Bling and Make It Rain!  Use Extra Plating to survive the next several attacks from Mana Surge, and then Use Inflation to start rolling the double damage onto Manos.  When your Inflation is up, use Make It Rain again and Manos will be toast.  Extra Plating when Hanos comes in and then it’s back to Inflation.  You’ll have a 50% chance to miss, but you’ll get a few hits in for sure.  Again, use your Make It Rain for some big double damage and if you’re not dead yet, use Inflation one last time to keep the double damage debuff rolling.  Bring your Dragonling in, and finish off Hanos with a Breath.  Keep using Breath when Fatos comes in until he’s under 560 health and then Explode.  Your carry pet will receive all the experience.

Wise Mari: Plushie Round

At first glance this fight didn’t seem too hard, but I found out differently when I started to try to throw teams at him.

Synopsis: You can’t let Carpe Diem live too long, else he’ll Dreadful Breath your whole team into oblivion.  Spirus hits really hard with his Arcane Blast, and as usual, being faster than your opponent is key.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that Elekk Plushie can be carried through the fight.

Wise Mari’s Team

 Carpe Diem with  Grasp,   Cleansing Rain, and hu16 Dreadful Breath
ma16 Spirus with ma16 Arcane Blast,   Healing Rain, and  hu16 Soul Ward
 River with  Whirlpool Pump, and   Dive

Your Team

 Tiny Flamefly  –  Alpha Strike,  Hiss,  Swarm
 Lil’ Bling –  Inflation, ma16 Blingtron Gift Package,  Make it Rain
ma16 Elekk Plushie

Your tiny Flamefly will easily take care of Carpe Diem with a Swarm and two Alpha Strikes.  You’ll then need to immediately swap to Lil’ Bling to deal with Spirus.  When Spirus uses Soul Ward, use the Blingtron gift Package to heal yourself up at any time.  Use Make it Rain and then use Inflation for continued damage.  It might be close, but Lil’ Bling will finish off Spirus.  The last part of the fight involves setting up your Tiny Flamefly to finish River.  If Gift Package and  Make it Rain are both on cooldown when River enters the fight, just pass a turn and then use Make it Rain.  You’ll most likely die at this point.  If neither are on cooldown, start with Make it Rain.  Use the Gift Package (which will heal you because River’s underground), and then use inflation.  When you bring your Tiny Flamefly back in, make sure you are the fastest pet in the fight.  If you aren’t, use Hiss.  Constantly Alpha Strike-ing will finish off River.