Blingtron 4000


Goal: Defeat Tamer with optimal pets

Blingtron 4000’s Team:

  • AU – Gilded Fist, Goldskin, Gold Rush
  • Banks – Make it Rain, Uncanny Luck, Buried Treasure
  • Lil’ B – SMACKTHAT.EXE, Extra Plating, Blingtron Gift Package

Your Team:

  • Rabbit (above 281 speed) with Scratch, Dodge, and Burrow
  • Pygmy Direhorn with Trihorn Charge, Horn Attack, and Trihorn Shield
  • Fel Flame with Burn, Immolate, and Conflagrate

Lead with the Rabbit and treat the fight like you would if you were fighting the Thundering Pandaren Spirit, which is to say, dodge damage like crazy.  Scratch, Dodge, Scratch, Burrow, Scratch, Dodge, Scratch, Scratch, Scratch until AU’s finished.  When Banks comes in, start with Burrow and follow the same pattern as before to do some damage to him until your Rabbit dies.  Bring the Direhorn in and immediately use the Trihorn Shield.  Go back and forth between Trihorn Charge and Horn Attack until Banks is finished.  Use the Shield when you can and keep damaging Lil’ B until your Direhorn is dead.  Use your Flame to Immolate and Conflagrate Lil’ B.  Keep using Burn to finish him off.