wrathionGoal: Defeat Tamer with optimal pets

Wrathion’s Team:

  • Cindy – Diseased Bite, Blistering Cold, Ice Tomb
  • Alex – Breath, Ancient Blessing, Flamethrower
  • Dah’da – Shadowflame, Roll, Elementium Bolt

Your Team:

Lead with Emerald Turtle and use Powerball and Shell Shield.  Keep using Powerball until Cindy’s dead, and refresh Shell Shield one round AFTER it expires.  This should rob Cindy of an extra turn and you can Shell Shield up when doing damage doesn’t matter.  When Alex comes in you should be very speedy and able to act first.  Emerald Bite until your Turtle is dead.  Bring in the Whelpling and use Plagued Blood and Tail Sweep until you die (and hopefully Alex will be dead too).  Use Call Darkness right before Alex heals up with Ancient Blessing, or you can use it to finish her off (I like using it right before she heals).  Use Bonkers to Dodge the incoming Elementium Bolt and smack Dah’da in the face with Tornado Punch and Jab.