In the Cataclysm zone of Mount Hyjal there’s a mild mannered looking Tauren with an interesting array of pets to defeat.  Having the Cataclysm zone portal from your faction’s capitol city makes it an easy round trip to go and do this daily.

Synopsis: Kali’s main annoyance is the fact that it blinds you for a 50% reduction in hit chance.  Depending on how the fight goes you might steamroll it, or you might just squeak by.  Either way, the team below should do the job just fine.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that a third pet can be carried through for maximum experience gain.

Brok’s Team

 Kali with  Flash,   Light, and   Arcane Explosion
 Ashtail with  Comeback,   Quick Attack,  and  Triple Snap
 Incinderous with  Scratch Swarm, and   Survival

Your Team

Carry Pet
 Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling –  Breath,  Bombing Run,  Decoy 
 Curious Wolvar Pup –  Bite,  Frenzyheart Brew,  Maul

Because Kali has an area-of-effect ability that will deal damage to your back row, bringing a level 1 isn’t feasible with this team.  So to take advantage of the fact that you’ll be bringing a carry pet with some extra health to spare, start with your carry pet and eat the Flash ability from Kali.  Immediately swap to your Dragonling and use Breath once.  Pop your Decoy up and then proceed to use Breath until Kali’s gone.  When Ashtail comes in use your Bombing Run and keep using Breath until your dragonling is dead.  You may get lucky and kill off Ashtail first, but usually this isn’t the case.  Your Curious Wolvar Pup will take care of Incinderous in short order.  Use Frenzyheart Brew, Maul, and Bite.  Keep Biting until the little cockroach is squished.


Sully “The Pickle” McLeary: Plushie Round

Back when the Celestial Tournament was new, for some reason I worked out a strategy that involved only 2 pets.  I’ve re-tested and updated to make sure the strategy holds true here below.

Synopsis: Keeping Socks in the back row until the end of the fight helps keep his Unholy Ascension useless.  As long as your Banana Barrage doesn’t miss constantly, you should easily defeat dwarf ninja wannabe.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that Elekk Plushie can be carried through the fight.

Sully “The Pickle” McLeary’s Team

 Socks with  Claw,   Infected Claw, and  Unholy Ascension
 Monte with  Huge, Sharp Teeth!,   Vicious Streak, and   Burrow
 Rikki with  Gnawhu16 Cute Face, and   Bloodfang

Your Team

 Darkmoon Monkey  –  Rake, hu16 Clobber,  Banana Barrage
 Imperial Eagle Chick –  Slicing Wind,  Adrenaline Rush,  Lift-Off
ma16 Elekk Plushie

You’ll start with the Monkey and use Rake and then Clobber.  Use Banana Barrage and Socks will swap out for Monte.  Use Rake to mitigate the Burrow Hit and then PASS YOUR NEXT TURN.  Monte will be back up and use Banana Barrage again.  At this point Monte should be dead and Socks will come back in.  Rake and Clobber him to make him swap out again.  Use Banana Barrage on the turn he swaps out.  Use Rake on Rikki and then Banana Barrage.  At this point you should be almost dead, so swap out to the Imperial Eagle Chick because you don’t want Rikki to heal up with Bloodfang.

Use Slicing Wind and Adrenaline Rush to finish off Rikki.  This should also make you faster than Socks so use Lift-Off to dodge the first hit from him.  Use Adrenaline Rush again to remain faster than him.  Slicing Wind until you’re dead.  Bring back in your Monkey and use Clobber and Banana Barrage.  Rake if you need it, but Socks should be finished by now.  You should be able to get Socks into his free Undead round, and bringing in your Plushie to soak the last hit will net you the win.


Dr. Ion Goldbloom: Plushie Round

Synopsis: As long as you’re able to finish off Chaos quickly, he won’t cause you much trouble.  Trike’s the only other pet that hits hard at all.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that Elekk Plushie can be carried through the fight.

Dr. Ion Goldbloom’s Team

 Screamer with  Alpha Strike,   Feign Death, and  Lift-Off
 Trike with  Bite,   Adrenaline Rush, and   Horn Attack
 Chaos with  Logicma16 Uncertainty, and   Instability

Your Team

 Bronze Whelpling  –  Tail Sweep,  Early Advantage, ma16 Arcane Storm
 Darkmoon Tonk –  Missile,  Minefield,  Ion Cannon
ma16 Elekk Plushie

Bronze Whelpling starts off the fight and passes his first turn.  Use Early Advantage and Arcane Storm.  Screamer will be under half health and he’ll swap out, so swap out to the Darkmoon Tonk and lay down an immediate Minefield.  Hit Missile twice, and then finish off Trike with an Ion Cannon.  You’ll get hit with Screamer’s Lift-Off, but after that lay your minefield down right after.  Bring your Bronze Whelpling back in, and since you’re faster, pop Arcane Storm again to finish Screamer.  Use Early Advantage and Chaos should die.  If not, you should have enough health to finish him with a Tail Sweep.

Lorewalker Cho: Plushie Round

Synopsis: There are lots of preparatory abilities on Cho’s team, so take you can take advantage of them by hitting them hard before they use them.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that Elekk Plushie can be carried through the fight.

Lorewalker Cho’s Team

 Wisdom with  Peck,  ma16 Wild Magic, and  Rip
ma16 Patience with hu16 Broom,   Tranquility, and  ma16 Clean-Up
 Knowledge with  Tail Sweepma16 Amplify Damage, and   Solar Beam

Your Team

ma16 Nordrassil Wisp  – ma16 Light, ma16 Flash, hu16 Soul Ward
 Scourged Whelpling –  Tail Sweep, hu16 Call Darkness,  Plagued Blood
ma16 Elekk Plushie

Bring the Wisp in first and tear up Wisdom by using Soul Ward, Flash, and then Light.  You’ll have to pass a turn because all of your abilities will be on cooldown, but then just repeat the same rotation and Wisdom will be finished.  Keep the same rotation until the Wisp dies.  Your Scourged Whelping should be able to finish off Patience and Knowledge just fine.  Save Call Darkness for Knowledge because it does a ton of damage.  Having an guaranteed extra round on the Whelpling because he’s undead should save you from unlucky crits.


Wise Mari: Plushie Round

At first glance this fight didn’t seem too hard, but I found out differently when I started to try to throw teams at him.

Synopsis: You can’t let Carpe Diem live too long, else he’ll Dreadful Breath your whole team into oblivion.  Spirus hits really hard with his Arcane Blast, and as usual, being faster than your opponent is key.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that Elekk Plushie can be carried through the fight.

Wise Mari’s Team

 Carpe Diem with  Grasp,   Cleansing Rain, and hu16 Dreadful Breath
ma16 Spirus with ma16 Arcane Blast,   Healing Rain, and  hu16 Soul Ward
 River with  Whirlpool Pump, and   Dive

Your Team

 Tiny Flamefly  –  Alpha Strike,  Hiss,  Swarm
 Lil’ Bling –  Inflation, ma16 Blingtron Gift Package,  Make it Rain
ma16 Elekk Plushie

Your tiny Flamefly will easily take care of Carpe Diem with a Swarm and two Alpha Strikes.  You’ll then need to immediately swap to Lil’ Bling to deal with Spirus.  When Spirus uses Soul Ward, use the Blingtron gift Package to heal yourself up at any time.  Use Make it Rain and then use Inflation for continued damage.  It might be close, but Lil’ Bling will finish off Spirus.  The last part of the fight involves setting up your Tiny Flamefly to finish River.  If Gift Package and  Make it Rain are both on cooldown when River enters the fight, just pass a turn and then use Make it Rain.  You’ll most likely die at this point.  If neither are on cooldown, start with Make it Rain.  Use the Gift Package (which will heal you because River’s underground), and then use inflation.  When you bring your Tiny Flamefly back in, make sure you are the fastest pet in the fight.  If you aren’t, use Hiss.  Constantly Alpha Strike-ing will finish off River.

Bordin Steadyfist


If you have the Cataclysm portal unlocked, you can quickly go to Deepholm and find a white-bearded dwarf ready to do battle with you.  Many battle pet fights can be very easy once you fight the right pet combination and this one is no exception.

Synopsis: Two of the enemy pets are Elemental, so bring an aquatic to hit ‘em hard and smack ‘em down.  Apocalypse is less scary than it seems because it take so long to actually activate.  It’s really just a damage free turn for you.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that a third pet can be carried through for maximum experience gain.

Bordin Steadyfist’s Team

el16 Ruby with el16 Crystal Overload,  el16 Stone Rush, and el16 Spark
 Crystallus with be16 Hiss,   Flank, and   Apocalypse 
 Fracture with  Feedback Amplify Magic, and   Elementium Bolt

Your Team

aq16 Snarly -  Rip, aq16 Surge, aq16 Blood in the Water
Carry Pet
aq16 Pandaren Water Spirit – aq16 Water Jet, aq16 Healing Wave, aq16 Dive

Snarly’s your first pet up and there’s not much Ruby can do about it.  Rip, Blood in the Water, Surge.  Hit Crystallus the same way with Rip and Blood in the Water.  Surge fills in the gaps.  Sometimes Snarly makes it all the way to Fracture, and sometimes not.  Swap in your carry pet after Snarly bites the dust, and bring in the Water Spirit to finish off Fracture.  Just make sure you Dive to dodge the incoming Elementium Bolt, and you’ll easily finish him off with a few Water Jets.

Chen Stormstout: Plushie Round

If I was putting together a team of pets to frustrate the tar out of my opponent, this team would be right at the top of the list.  There’s so much luck involved that someone like me who prefers a clean predictable fight that may take longer over a shorter fight that might not work has to just roll with the punches.

Synopsis: This battle is a giant mess.  A 25% chance to be stunned (yeah right, we all it’s 90% when used by an enemy battler), a two-round sleep, 25% chance to miss, and giant damage with Barrel Toss.  This is quite a tough fight.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that Elekk Plushie can be carried through the fight.

Chen Stormstout’s Team

 Tonsa with  Bite,   Headbutt, and  Chew
 Chirps with  Flank,   Lullaby, and   Locust Swarm
 Brewly with  Brew Bolt Barrel Toss, and  el16 Inebriate

Your Team

hu16 Flayer Youngling (h/s, p/s, s/b) –  Triple Snap, hu16 Deflection, hu16 Kick
hu16 Corefire Imp –  Rush, el16 Immolation, ma16 Wild Magic
ma16 Elekk Plushie

Start off with your Flayer Youngling and use Deflection.  This will block the incoming Headbutt and assure you don’t get stunned.  Hit your Triple Snap and then Kick the incoming Bite.  The preloaded Chew will still hit you.  Triple Snap twice more and then deflect the Headbutt.  Use Triple Snap 2 times more and Tonsa should be dead.  At this point, you have Triple Snapped 5 times for a total of 15 possible hits of 140-150ish damage.  You’ll need at least 9 of those Snaps to actually happen to make it sure you’ve made it through Tonsa with enough health left over for Brewly.

When Chirps comes in, the first thing he will do is use Lullaby to put you to sleep.  This causes no damage, so you can safely leave your Flayer in until he’s asleep.  Swap to your Corefire Imp immediately after and use Immolation.  Cast Wild Magic right after that and then just keep hitting him with Rush until Chirps is defeated.

Brewly will come in and the first thing you should do is use Rush for a guaranteed hit before you’re drunk from Inebriate.  You’ll be able to use Rush 2 more times before you get pelted with Barrel Toss and die, and you’ll probably only hit with one of them due to your chance to miss.

Bring your Flayer Youngling back in to finish the fight.  There are a lot of variables near the end the fight here, so use your avoidance tactics wisely to finish the fight.  Brewly always casts Inebriate after it falls off, so use Kick to block it and get 2 turns with 100% accuracy.  Dodge any incoming hit that might kill you with Deflection and Triple Snap when Barrel toss is charging or you have nothing else to do.  I would imagine your Elekk Plushie is level 25 by the time you’re taking on the Celestial Tournament trainers, so you can even use him to take a hit or two while squeezing an extra hit in between the damage-free rounds of Inebriate/Barrel Toss/Barrel Toss hit.

The maddening thing about this fight is all the chances to miss, dodge, sleep, or be stunned.  The above strategy takes as much of the RNG as it possibly can for a very high percentage of winning.  Headbutt is always dodged and Lullaby is taken by a pet that is intended to be swapped out.  Inebriate gets off only one time, but that’s four rounds of 25% chance to miss.  Out of 20 tries, I succeeded in finishing the fight with 2 pets 18 times, so I’m calling that good enough.  Let me know in the comments below if you have a better strategy!