Bordin Steadyfist


If you have the Cataclysm portal unlocked, you can quickly go to Deepholm and find a white-bearded dwarf ready to do battle with you.  Many battle pet fights can be very easy once you fight the right pet combination and this one is no exception.

Synopsis: Two of the enemy pets are Elemental, so bring an aquatic to hit ‘em hard and smack ‘em down.  Apocalypse is less scary than it seems because it take so long to actually activate.  It’s really just a damage free turn for you.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that a third pet can be carried through for maximum experience gain.

Bordin Steadyfist’s Team

el16 Ruby with el16 Crystal Overload,  el16 Stone Rush, and el16 Spark
 Crystallus with be16 Hiss,   Flank, and   Apocalypse 
 Fracture with  Feedback Amplify Magic, and   Elementium Bolt

Your Team

aq16 Snarly -  Rip, aq16 Surge, aq16 Blood in the Water
Carry Pet
aq16 Pandaren Water Spirit – aq16 Water Jet, aq16 Healing Wave, aq16 Dive

Snarly’s your first pet up and there’s not much Ruby can do about it.  Rip, Blood in the Water, Surge.  Hit Crystallus the same way with Rip and Blood in the Water.  Surge fills in the gaps.  Sometimes Snarly makes it all the way to Fracture, and sometimes not.  Swap in your carry pet after Snarly bites the dust, and bring in the Water Spirit to finish off Fracture.  Just make sure you Dive to dodge the incoming Elementium Bolt, and you’ll easily finish him off with a few Water Jets.

Chen Stormstout: Plushie Round

If I was putting together a team of pets to frustrate the tar out of my opponent, this team would be right at the top of the list.  There’s so much luck involved that someone like me who prefers a clean predictable fight that may take longer over a shorter fight that might not work has to just roll with the punches.

Synopsis: This battle is a giant mess.  A 25% chance to be stunned (yeah right, we all it’s 90% when used by an enemy battler), a two-round sleep, 25% chance to miss, and giant damage with Barrel Toss.  This is quite a tough fight.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that Elekk Plushie can be carried through the fight.

Chen Stormstout’s Team

 Tonsa with  Bite,   Headbutt, and  Chew
 Chirps with  Flank,   Lullaby, and   Locust Swarm
 Brewly with  Brew Bolt Barrel Toss, and  el16 Inebriate

Your Team

hu16 Flayer Youngling (h/s, p/s, s/b) –  Triple Snap, hu16 Deflection, hu16 Kick
hu16 Corefire Imp –  Rush, el16 Immolation, ma16 Wild Magic
ma16 Elekk Plushie

Start off with your Flayer Youngling and use Deflection.  This will block the incoming Headbutt and assure you don’t get stunned.  Hit your Triple Snap and then Kick the incoming Bite.  The preloaded Chew will still hit you.  Triple Snap twice more and then deflect the Headbutt.  Use Triple Snap 2 times more and Tonsa should be dead.  At this point, you have Triple Snapped 5 times for a total of 15 possible hits of 140-150ish damage.  You’ll need at least 9 of those Snaps to actually happen to make it sure you’ve made it through Tonsa with enough health left over for Brewly.

When Chirps comes in, the first thing he will do is use Lullaby to put you to sleep.  This causes no damage, so you can safely leave your Flayer in until he’s asleep.  Swap to your Corefire Imp immediately after and use Immolation.  Cast Wild Magic right after that and then just keep hitting him with Rush until Chirps is defeated.

Brewly will come in and the first thing you should do is use Rush for a guaranteed hit before you’re drunk from Inebriate.  You’ll be able to use Rush 2 more times before you get pelted with Barrel Toss and die, and you’ll probably only hit with one of them due to your chance to miss.

Bring your Flayer Youngling back in to finish the fight.  There are a lot of variables near the end the fight here, so use your avoidance tactics wisely to finish the fight.  Brewly always casts Inebriate after it falls off, so use Kick to block it and get 2 turns with 100% accuracy.  Dodge any incoming hit that might kill you with Deflection and Triple Snap when Barrel toss is charging or you have nothing else to do.  I would imagine your Elekk Plushie is level 25 by the time you’re taking on the Celestial Tournament trainers, so you can even use him to take a hit or two while squeezing an extra hit in between the damage-free rounds of Inebriate/Barrel Toss/Barrel Toss hit.

The maddening thing about this fight is all the chances to miss, dodge, sleep, or be stunned.  The above strategy takes as much of the RNG as it possibly can for a very high percentage of winning.  Headbutt is always dodged and Lullaby is taken by a pet that is intended to be swapped out.  Inebriate gets off only one time, but that’s four rounds of 25% chance to miss.  Out of 20 tries, I succeeded in finishing the fight with 2 pets 18 times, so I’m calling that good enough.  Let me know in the comments below if you have a better strategy!

Wrathion: Plushie Round

Synopsis: Wrathion has a fun looking group of pets flying behind him.  Cindy does annoying damage if you leave her up too long, and Alex can be tough to get down because he has so much health and has a heal on top of it.  Also, watch out for Dah’da’s Elementium Bolt, because it will stun you at very vulnerable times.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that Elekk Plushie can be carried through the fight.

Wrathion’s Team

 Cindy with  Diseased Bite,  el16 Blistering Cold, and el16 Ice Tomb
 Alex with  Breath,   Ancient Blessing, and  el16 Flame Thrower
 Dah’da with  Shadowflame Roll, and   Elementium Bolt

Your Team

 Black Lamb  (h/p, h/s, h/b)-  Chew,  Comeback,  Stampede
 Scourged Whelpling –  Tail Sweep, hu16 Call Darkness, hu16 Dreadful Breath
ma16 Elekk Plushie

First off, a word about the Black Lamb.  You should be able to use any critter pet with Chew and a damage double-r effect like Gu’chi Swarmling or Elwynn Lamb, provided that you have at least 1500 health.  Don’t use Beasts with similar abilities like Little Black Ram, because they don’t have the stun immunity that a critter does.

Starting with your Black Lamb, use Chew and then Stampede.  The double damage buff will hit Cindy for 1000+ damage, and finish her off easily.  Your Stampede will end after Cindy has had her free undead round.  Alex will come in next and the first thing he’ll do is heal, so you have a chance to repeat the same combo that you did for Cindy.  Use Chew and then Stampede again.  After Alex turns your lamb into a chop with her Breath a couple of times, bring in Scourged Whelpling.  Use Call Darkness right away for big damage and then Dreadful Breath until Alex is dead.  Dreadful Breath will be hitting Dah’da as well, so when he comes in he’ll be half health or lower.  You should be able to finish off Dah’da with a Tail Sweep, Call Darkness and one turn of Dreadful Breath.

Nearly Headless Jacob

Synopsis: There’s a lot of undead going on here.  Critters who can heal are your easiest way to victory.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that a third pet can be carried through for maximum experience gain.

Nearly Headless Jacob’s Team

 Spooky Strangler with  Curse of Doom,   Agony, and  Death Grip
 Stitch with  Call Darkness,   Weakness, and   Bone Prison
 Mort with  Ghostly Bite Spectral Strike, and   Siphon Life

Your Team

aq16 Frog – aq16 Tongue Lash, aq16 Healing Wave, aq16 Swarm of Flies
Carry Pet
aq16 Huge Toad – aq16 Tongue Lash, aq16 Healing Wave, aq16 Swarm of Flies

Start with the Toad or the Frog, it really doesn’t matter.  Start with Swarm of Flies and hit tongue lash a couple of times.  Heal up with Healing Wave.  You can basically do this same rotation for the whole fight.  Remember that each of the enemy pets will get a free round right after their first death, so use that round to refresh Swarm of Flies or Heal yourself.  There’s no point in doing any damage during the extra undead round.  Your carry pet will be swapped in for you with Spooky Strangler’s Death Grip, so just swap your frog back in a and continue the fight.

Beegle Blastfuse


Welcome to Thanksgiving dinner with a side of chicken.  We even have a gnome to punt around after we eat.

Synopsis:  The main abilities for Dinner and Gobbles are multi-hit small strikes.  So the easiest way to counter them is bring someone with a shield ability.  Not too hard of a fight.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that a third pet can be carried through for maximum experience gain.

Beegle Blastfuse’s Team

 Dinner with  Squawk,   Lift-Off, and   Flock
 Gobbles with  Food Coma,   Slicing Wind, and  Gobble Strike
 Warble with  Peck Ice Tomb, and   Slippery Ice

Your Team

 Emerald Proto-Whelp –  Emerald Bite,  Emerald Presence,  Emerald Dream
Carry Pet
 Chrominius Bite,  Howl,  Ravage

Start with your Proto-Whelp and use Emerald Presence right away.  Keep it up while you Emerald Bite down Dinner and Gobbles.  Use Emerald Dream at your discretion to keep yourself healed up.  If you’re not able to finish off the whole fight, including Warble, with your Proto-Whelp; Chrominius’ beast abilities will wreck him easily.  Be sure to swap your carry pet in at some point to gain the experience for the fight.

Taran Zhu: Plushie Round


This fight took me the longest to find a viable strategy that was reliable.  Some strategies I used worked fine 50-70% of the time, but unlucky crits caused my team severe pain.  The below strategy has worked for me 10 times in a row, so I feel really good about recommending it to you now.

Synopsis: Bolo, Yen, and Yi hit REALLY hard.  Not only that, every time they hit you, they heal up from the Human racial ability!  Yi is the fastest of the bunch, so bringing someone that’s faster than him helps a LOT.  Your Molten Hatchling must be a s/s breed which means he has 341 speed.  This makes him faster than the 319 speed of Yi.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that Elekk Plushie can be carried through the fight.

Taran Zhu’s Team

hu16 Yen with hu16 Takedown,  hu16 Blackout Kick, and  Feign Death
hu16 Bolo with hu16 Punch,  hu16 Blinding Powder, and   Rampage
hu16 Li with  Triple Snaphu16 Bandage, and  hu16 Spin Kick

Your Team

 Molten Hatchling (s/s) –  Leech Life, el16 Cauterize,  Brittle Webbing
hu16 Flayer Younglinghu16 Blitz, hu16 Deflection, hu16 Kick
ma16 Elekk Plushie

Start off with the Molten Hatchling and cast Brittle Webbing.  Use Leech Life to heal back the life you just lost and you’ll get stunned.  Pass your next round and then use Leech Life again.  Cauterize the big hit you just took, Brittle Webbing, and Leech Life will bring Yen under 50% health.  At this point, you want to swap to your Flayer Youngling because Yen will Feign Death at the same time.

With your Flayer Youngling in, start with Blitz.  Kick next to interrupt Bolo’s Rampage and then use Deflection to block the Blinding Powder.  Blitz twice more and Kick to interrupt Rampage again.  Blitz once more, and then Bolo will blind you.  This is fine because you will use Deflection on the next attack.  This just gave you a round of free damage.  Blitz one more time to finish off Bolo.

During the Bolo fight, you may find that you killed Bolo earlier than what was expected.  This is fine as long as you have either Kick or Deflection up.  When Yen comes back in the first thing he will do is try to stun you.  Use either Kick or Deflection to avoid it and then Blitz him down.

When Li comes in, your Flayer Youngling may or may not get some damage in on him.  Just Blitz until you die and bring your Molten Hatchling back in.  Cauterize right off the bat.  Use Brittle Webbing then Leech Life right after.  Brittle Webbing is your only ability off cooldown, so use it and then Leech Life again.  Cauterize is off of cooldown, so heal up again with it.  One last set of Leech Life – Brittle Webbing – Leech Life should finish Li off.  If he heals near the end, just keep Leech Life-ing and Brittle Webbing him to finish the fight.

Wastewalker Shu


Continuing my effort to have all my 2 pet carry teams in place for leveling and achieving, I give you Wastewalker Shu.

Synopsis: Shu is one of the tougher trainers to get just right because his team has lots of different abilities, buffs, and debuffs.  His team has a heal, a damage reduction weather effect, and a speed boost.  You’ll need just the right combination of pets to bring his team down.

Goal: To defeat the tamer with 2 pets so that a third pet can be carried through for maximum experience gain.

Wastewalker Shu’s Team

aq16 Crusher with aq16 Renewing Mists,  aq16 Surge, and  aq16 Whirlpool
el16 Pounder with  Sandstorm,  el16 Rupture, and  Quake
be16 Mutilator with  Spiked Skin Counterstrike, and   Powerball

Your Team

 Spawn of Onyxia –  Tail Sweep,  Healing Flame,  Lift-Off
Carry Pet
aq16 Snarly Rip, aq16 Surge, aq16 Blood in the Water

Start with Onyxia and tail sweep twice.  Use your Healing Flame to heal from the Surge you just got hit with, and then Lift-Off.  You’ll dodge the Whirlpool and the next surge.  Tail Sweep until you have crushed Crusher.  Use your Healing Flame when Pounder comes in and then Tail Sweep three times.  At this point, use Healing Flame again, Lift-Off, and Tail Sweep until and Pounder is toast.  Do what damage you can with your Spawn of Onyxia on Mutilator before it’s dead.  Bring your carry pet in and immediately swap to Snarly to finish off Mutilator.  Rip first, Surge until Mutilator is right above half health and the use Blood in the Water and Surge to finish the fight.